Investment Approach

By solving difficult challenges, we earn above-market risk adjusted returns for our investors.

  • We solve big problems. The strong leadership teams we finance demonstrate an ability to accelerate the re-capture of deep value from under-managed cash flows.
  • We value flexibility. Our investment style is solution-oriented and targets the entire capital structure.
  • We value discretion. Typically, we originate our own investments and are not active participants in broad auctions or actively marketed opportunities.
  • We value diligence. Our investments are underpinned by a rigorous macro, relative, and bottoms-up due diligence process and an intensely analytical focus on value. We believe this disciplined, value-oriented approach is equally effective with public and private market investments.
  • We only buy controlling interests. Engaging with other stakeholders provides close visibility on the potential of our acquired assets. But real option value is only created when ownership is combined with control. We retain oversight of and responsibility for our capital and liquidity options at all times.
  • We develop a path to liquidity at the front end of our investment process. Our approach is to invest with a long-term perspective and achieve near-term results. Each investment’s liquidity strategy is appropriate for the time horizon of each particular investment thesis. Downside risks are mitigated through diligence, structure, purchase price, hedging, and playing an active role to achieve forecasted exits. Our ongoing risk management process continuously monitors, isolates, and hedges away unwanted risk factors.

Our investment approach is designed to consistently identify compelling value and earn above market risk adjusted returns, even in an environment of constrained or expanding liquidity, flat or declining growth prospects, and cyclical or secular changes.


We structure investments which are appropriate for each particular opportunity. The firm employs company leverage to achieve operational and financial objectives consistent with its investment thesis. We invest in any stage of a company’s lifecycle and in any form of its financial securities where we identify value. More specifically, we make investments to facilitate leveraged buyouts or de-leveraging buyouts, to replenish working capital and fund capital developments or facilitate external growth, to support recapitalizations and divestitures or achieve smooth ownership transitions.


We have cultivated a reputation for honest, forthright investing based on fundamental analysis. Having made numerous investments in various industries, our partners have demonstrated integrity, creativity and constant support, which, collectively, provide for an active level of high impact engagement with management teams, directors, creditors, and employees.